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LINE and Blockchain

Since its launch in 2011, LINE has grown into a global service used by millions around the world. Today, it’s more than a simple mobile messenger, having evolved into a smart portal that provides comprehensive solutions for all aspects of our users’ lives. It was the contributions of our users that drove the rapid growth of the LINE ecosystem. Now we want to take the idea of contribution-driven growth to the next level, rewarding users by sharing the added value of the LINE ecosystem with them. Through the launch of our blockchain and token economy, LINE is doing just that — optimizing how we share value and promote mutual growth as we continue to transform into a new digital era.

A Single-token economy

The LINE Token Economy is centered around a single token, our general-purpose coin LINK. This means that LINK is able to be used for a wide range of services, making it more valuable than a cryptoasset that is limited to a single service. A single-token economy can make the overall ecosystem more dynamic and stable, and because dApps contribute to the economy, they can grow with it. For the economy’s users, who participate in and add value to the ecosystem, their rewards have more usability and value, and they can use LINK for a great variety of services without the hassle of constantly going to a token exchange. In short, being a single-token economy makes LINK more valuable and useful.



The LINK ecosystem is based on three principles.



LINK Overview

  • LINK
  • LN
  • LINK Chain

Token Economy Flow

LINK Point

After LINE Tech Plus (or “LTP” the organization responsible for issuing LINK) allocates LINK to each dApp developer, the dApp developers give rewards to contributors in the form of LINK based on their own reward policy. Once users acquire LINK, they can use it to pay for things within the service or to get a variety of benefits. DApp developers can then re-distribute their LINK income, creating a virtuous cycle. In the exchange, users can change LINK to fiat money or other cryptocurrencies.

*Until we satisfy any and all legal requirements in Japan, users in Japan are prohibited from (a) any trading in LINK (including any transfers or payments) and (b) purchasing, selling or exchanging LINK on any cryptocurrency exchange. However, until we fulfill the foregoing regulatory requirements in Japan, users in Japan may exchange 1 LINK Point for 500 LINE points.​

Using LINK

LINK can be used to purchase a wide range of goods and can get a variety of benefits in the LINK ecosystem.
Some examples of how LINK can be used are:

  • Content

    Payment for music, videos, webtoons, and fiction

  • Commerce

    Payment for products/services, discount benefits, and payback

  • Social

    In-app payment systems and wire transfers between individuals

  • Gaming

    In-game trading and character improvements

  • Exchange

    Payment of commissions, fee discounts, and cryptocurrency trading



The total amount of LINK to be issued is limited to 1 billion.
LINK will be distributed as user rewards, without an ICO.

  • User Rewards


    800 million LINK

    Rewarded by dApp developers in
    accordance with their
    user-compensation policies.

  • Reserves


    200 million LINK

    Managed by LINE Tech Plus,
    the issuer of LINK, as a reserve.

1 billion LINK



  • History 

    • 2018 2Q

      • Established UNBLOCK CORPORATION to develop LINE’s token economy
      • Established UNCHAIN CORPORATION to develop LINK Network (LINE’s blockchain mainnet)
    • 2018 3Q

      • Created Genesis Block
      • Released LINK Chain
    • 2018 4Q

      • Listed LINK on BITBOX 
      • Launched LINEAR Network 
    • 2019 1Q

      • Released more LINK dApps
      • Launched LINK Prestige Club Season 1
    • 2019 2Q

      • Launched LINK Industry Partners Season 1
      • Released standalone LINK Wallet
  • Future

    • Phase 1: LINE Network

      1. Laying the foundation for the LINK ecosystem through LINE’s service
        • Start linking with LINE’s services
        • Distribute LINK through in-house dApps
        • Release LINK Wallet
        • Release LINK Network SDK
      2. Phase 2: Alliance Network

        1. Building the LINK dApp Alliance with selected dApp developers, implementing features as a general-purpose platform
          • Release the LINEAR Network, implementing transfers between blockchains
          • Expand the demand mechanism for LINK within the platform
        2. Phase 3: Open Network

          1. Expanding the ecosystem by diversifying participation channels
            • Enhance the network and expand the demand mechanism for LINK
            • Offer opportunities for various entities to participate in the ecosystem on top of dApps
      3. * Please note that the roadmap is subject to change at any time without prior notice